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The Hallet family of Cape Cod
The photograph collection of Matthew C. Hallet,  Hallet's Store our book has made more people happy to see the old historic way things were hundreds of copies been sold you are looking for a great gift or collectible item for yourself just click and buy
  T shirt / Hats
  1. Hallet's new collection of T-shirts sweatshirts hats Hoodie these are available online just click and we ship where your new Hallet poured Hallet gear this year.
Our best

Hallet's Clam Chowder, we have our best clam chowder available year-round you may click in order your can of the best Cape Cod clam chowder sold anywhere.  It's our 124th year in

  Donations Halletís Museum

You also may send a check Hallet Store Museum

139 Main Street Yarmouthport, Ma.02675


We also asked to stop by for lunch or ice cream when we reopen in the spring of 2012 support us anyway you can small businesses have been hit the hardest and the survivors are paying a high price to stay in business. We also have our Hallet T-shirt hats sweatshirts hoodies on sale ready for shipment. Don't forget  our book makes a great gift?

 $10.00                    $25.00               $50.00            $100.00

cape cod bear
Do you dare to wear the bear Cape Cod bear.com features Bradley store mascot he also has many videos at his website for viewing Bradley loves his fans and can't wait to see you wearing the bear.



Hallet's Store in business for 125th years We reopen in April 2014 we are looking for a great summer season with our ice cream is our claim to fame we hope to see you in the summer of 2014 as all businesses pressed on in this economy Hallet's has seen its share we have change our format for this new economy we look forward for you to stop by for our up and coming season check out our website for our new products we are encourage to keep working in this direction our book has done very well Hallet family of Cape Cod is one of our best accomplishment yet keep us in mind on those hot summer nights look forward to seeing you again as Hallet's is its own institution. We are working to add more products to our website we are open to suggestions and we look forward for our new season


11:00 to 5:00   11:00 5:00  Sataday

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2014 125th Anniversary

Hours will be very according to season 
11:00 to 5:00

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